Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things Money Can't Buy

Watching a Good Movie at the comfort of home-Cost of DVD/Cost of Bandwidth

Watching a Good movie in Good Theatre~120
Watching a good movie at the comfort of home with a good home made lunch and snacks, bonding over buddies- Priceless!

Thank You Folks :P :D


RamMmm said...

Innaa Padam?

What about R.S-2?

zeno said...

Longest Yard.

Neengalum Madamum First poi VTV parunga. venum na sollunga unga sarpa nan ticket book panren ;)

RamMmm said...

I (and me only) saw VTV. Liked it. I even commented in a blog elsewhere to Alai Paayuthey except for the difference in narrative style.


zeno said...

Partially Happy, then let me answer, What about R.S-2?
that should happen on it's own. it should not be attained by searching :);) LOL

RamMmm said...

My comment should have read

... commented in a blog elsewhere comparing it to Alai ...

RS2 should happen on its own, true, but your eyes should be open, isn't it, :-D for your 'there comes _my chosen one_' moment?

zeno said...

I got that!
My eyes are always wide open!Even mind is open! I am proud i am an avid bird watcher

Ramesh said...

How about watching a movie not reviewed by gils :)

zeno said...

I havent read his reviews :(
But i am a hard core fan of Junk movies and can watch anything as long as it is not so touching makes your heart heavy. To give you the feel, my collection includes veerasamy, villu, kuruvi and even original DVD's of captain's movie. Above all i even have "yarukku yaro" [search for sam anderson in youtube, if you are not aware of him]