Friday, July 09, 2010

Thou Shall not Insult My Intelligence!

In the US, even strangers, say "Hi", "Good Morning" and "Happy weekend". When I first came across this kind of behavior, Though it was not personal, It was a great "feel good" feeling that cheered me up. I was happy to reciprocate and very soon became a roman as i was in Rome.

In offices, during the festival times, "We get a Happy so and so, wish you that this" from the HR, the Junior VP, VP and senior VP and from everybody mailed to everybody. I appreciate even this a nice gesture and courtesy.

When you do a good job/or meet your target or something to this effect, your second level manager chips in, sends you a congrats note. I can bear even this, cause even he is a stake holder to an extent.

Whereas, certain occasions, such as, "when you stay in an organization for quite some time like a touchwood and receive a mail that says "You Da Man" undersigned by some VP who barely knew/knows of your existence!" and "when all the higher up's whom you never know how they fit in the hierarchy, start spamming you with congratulations, thank you notes and asking you to keep up the good work[when they really have no clue on what you are doing] when you get a mere paltry sum as a monthly hike[an amount less than what you would make in one single day, when you freelance] as a result of an HR gimmick" then, then you are really PISSING me off!

Dear so called upper/middle management, "Do not pretend that you care for me on a personal basis. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry!"


RamMmm said...

Smoking out of your ears, it seems!

'idhellaam arasiyalla sagajampa'. Your seemingly favourite quote. Applies here, isn't it? HR (in IT) is all gimmicks and and vice-versa. :-)

Ram said...

I can understand the context n ur frustration :)
Sadly, that's how things work here. Weird!!

Ramesh said...

Insincerity will always stick out like a sore thumb. And HR is usually a past master at insincerity !!

Forget the blah blah from the goons zeno. You conscience will tell you what a fine job you have done. That is more precious than anything assorted clowns can say.

zeno said...

@Ram, "kadasila ennaiyum arasiyalvathi agiduvanga pola"[like mudhalvan climax]

Not just out of my ears!
Yeah, so true! Some how i feel the HR never lives up to its potential or promise.

Was busy and engrossed in sending other mails ;)so did not update you.shall do so :P

zeno said...

As i was telling my other friend in buzz network, my whole point was why this circus and formality? I know for sure, the VP who signed it wouldnt have even bothered to read it. In his big picture view and problems and worries, I am not even a tiny dot! Few mails, though sent from personal id, it is cut copy paste more like an automated thank you mail. well i am not saying type again or make it personal, my point is don't bother, dont spam me[I dont know you and you dont know me] wasting the bandwidth and organizational resources!

In this line of business, people are the pillars and i would even say the only asset of the organization and still they are not managed properly which is bad for the organization!

Deepa said...

Yeah! There is a thin line between spamming and sincerity. Good one!

zeno said...

@Deepa thank you thank you. atleast some one sees my POV :)