Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Apple fan on the Android-II

Literally, I called each and every mobile retailer in Chennai, Personally visited each and every shop drenched in a drizzle. [Thanks to my ever patient friend who puts up with me]. Not to mention going around the Usman Road thrice as though it was a holy shrine.It took more than few days and an early leave from office to get that mobile.Also did a word of mouth marketing to a potential customer who also used mine as a demo piece before he bought it.

When you hand over a new toy to the kid, it gets too engrossed in it and forgets the whole world around it. This kid got engrossed in the gadget a way too much and realized that he has lost(misplaced) the accessories a little late after some two hours. I wanted to load up few songs and was searching for the data cable, When I found, it was not there, assumed the accessory bag was with my friend and started transferring the songs using blue tooth patting myself for testing the blue tooth as well as applying thought!

Thanks to my good memory which helped to confirm that i had left it in the medical shop that we visited which is next to the mobile shop. Oh did i mention that, I did call the mobile shop who rudely responded, No accessories were left.

For all those, who ask for the real user experience and little tech review, Stay tuned....


RamMmm said...

So, what are you doing regarding your lost accessories? :-(

You must be one of a kind. :) வாங்கின கையோடயே தொலைக்கறத்துக்கு.

zeno said...

Oh Yeah, I am definitely one of the kind :)
I got it rite then :)