Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Apple fan on the Android-I

Me: Hey, I am thinking to buy a new mobile
Google: Just thinking right, I am wondering when will you stop thinking and act upon it.
Me: No, This time I am quite serious.
Google: Hmm. Too bad, No more I can't return your name for the search query, who has the most antique mobile of the the world. So what do you have in mind?
Me: You know, most robust key pad.
Google: Hmmm, They are yet to invent the key pad that could withstand your pounding. Better go for Touch.
Me: It should play music, more especially support MP3 Ringtones.
Google: No big deal, what next? Games?
Me: Come on, you know i dont play any games except for sudoku and mine sweeper.
Google: Yeah, you are also one odd guy who don't even know how to play card games.
Me: Also I should be able to have sticky notes, make notes, calendar and sync up with my PC, also would be glad to have wi-fi. Also a Camera please...
Google: So you want a smart phone huh.
Me:  he he yeah.
Google: What is your price range?
Me: How about less than 10K?
Google: Thank God, you dint ask for less than 5K. Or worse why don't you ask Santa rather than asking me?
Me: Can I ?
Google: By the way, Is it okie, if it supports 3G ,has dual SIM free 2 GB memory card with support extended to 32K.
Me:  I know the way to Ritchie street. Can we get back to business?
Google: No I am dead serious, Please check it here
Me: Can i trust this new product? Don't want to end up as a guinea pig.
Google: Don't worry, they are just reselling the ZTE penguin rebranded.

Me:Seems it is has been launched only yesterday? Where can i get it?
Google: Sadly No where but only here. That too only in their T. nagar branch.



RamMmm said...

:-) Noticed that your 'profile' has changed drastically. :-) 2 disclaimers!!! :-)

Disclaimer போட்டாலும், நாங்க எல்லாம் ஃபில்டர் பண்ணுவோம்ல. :)

Hmm... asking for so many things. sticky, calendar, PC Sync. Most of the newer gen mobiles have these. Did you check if your phone had these in first place and if you use it? Mine has these (old phone though), but I use some of these very sparingly. :-)

Googleக்கே டயலாக்கோ? :-)

zeno said...

My Profile changed? where?My previous phone was some 1100 version. Plain. Good question, whether do i use my features? Nop not to the level of my expectation or the desired level! Still the learning curve continues to make it more friendly :(

RamMmm said...

Your 'About Me' section changed. :-) It should have been in the near past, definitely.