Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ever wondered what  conversation does a guy who holds a phone glued to his ear has, while his lips too are glued to each other...well,  just his very own lips!

Hmm, he is just listening to a monologue, which we all mistake to be a dialogue.

So what is the monologue is all about?

Well, to name a few it could range across any one of the following or all of them ;)
  • Reasons for suddenly disappeared from being online.
  • How the desire to cook fish curry vanished because mom started cooking?
  • Who are all the friends, who are dieting, how they are dieting and why they are dieting?
  • Why dieting does not serves any purpose in the long run?
  • Why today mom's hand bag is being carried to office rather than personal handbag?

This above blog post has no correlation to this tweet!


Ramesh said...

For those in your list, what can the other person say anyway. Monologue it has to be. Much intrigued as to why anyone wants to cook Fish curry ??

zeno said...

They are not my List!
How do I know Sir :)
The above line has a cinematic significance!

RamMmm said...

Reminded me of the song from Nala Damayanthi

என்ன இது என்ன இது என்னை கொல்வது
என்னவென்று கேட்பவர்க்கு என்ன சொல்வது

:-) but you would have enjoyed the one-way conversation anyway. :-)

zeno said...

am surprised u remember all this songs :) Me my sleep was disturbed :(