Thursday, August 04, 2011

How they got Osama and how it got me

There are few articles that brings a chill to your bones. Hair raising. Every one also know Newyorker is famous for such insightful revealing articles.
This one is beyond adjectives.

The way the story is presented, the transition it makes from the landing in Pakistan to the way it was planned and going back to the place where the action took and the follow up is just awesome. More especially the closure.

Well, any one who has practiced his craft of writing could churn out one like this, but when you consider the amount of effort that would have involved in groundwork. Finding the right people, getting them to talk, verifying the information offered, making sense of all of them and presenting them in such an interesting style. WOW WOW.

I was(and am) never a big fan of Obama. I have always felt, Americans should have voted for Mccain for he has really given a lot to the nation. I was surprised to read, Mccain wasn't appreciative of Obama's promise.

Now I sincerely wish Americans would vote back Obama just for getting Geronimo

 Here is the Link


Ravi said...

It got u so late...

chennaigirl said...

Wonderful article nejammave. I felt like watching it with my own eyes.

zeno said...

@Ravi Welcome :)
@CG yeah yeah it gives you the feel hence the post rather than just a tweet :)

Ramesh said...

Yes, it was a brave political decision by Obama, but thre precision of planning and execution is all the military's credit. Still its always the leader who gets the blame, so he should also get the credit !

zeno said...

Ahem Ahem. As I said, the respect grew considering Mccain wasn't ready for it.