Saturday, August 13, 2011

Success is Personal

My brother cleared his higher secondary exams.
Hundreds of thousands clear it each and every year. What is the big deal about it?
Well, Yeah its definitely a big deal considering he is suffering from ....

This is not something straight from a Robin Sharma or a Stephen Covey preaching paradigm shift or about being in other person's shoes or anything related to it.

It was a real time big time embarassment message conversation happened few years ago between me and my friend.

Reflecting upon it and remembering might reinforce the lessons of  Paradigm Shift
Thinking from other person's perspective. Thinking twice before shooting off your mouth or firing a mail or message. Or many such things.

Rather than all the above, I feel the most important lesson is "Everyone is a successful person in their very own right"

Not only Sachin and Shahrukh are successful,but also Sam and Suppan

Success is not all about churning few best sellers or winning oscars or hitting 100 centuries.

Success is all about creating new horizons for yourself, going beyond your boundaries, taking a shot to design your destiny against all your odds.

If only you can scale up to a three storey building from an hut; If only you turn out to be a biggest purchaser of a store, where you were shooed away;where you were turned away for not paying up the credits, then you are the Ambani in your own right.

The benchmark to define Success is unique and personal.

Success comes in all sizes. Pick yours


Ramesh said...

Totally totally totally agree. A post very worthy of your illustrious namesakes.

Ram said...

Good one :)

zeno said...

@Ramesh Whatay compliment, that too from you :) Am honored!

@Ram when did i churn out bad ones? :)

chennaigirl said...

Wonderful post :) I remember a conversation my aathu had with his bro. He asked us abt our anniver plans and aathu said nothing special except for that mysore trip. Immediately he said this is what is called paradigm shift. :)

zeno said...

@CG The beauty of paradigm shift is it happens at the time you least expect it :)