Friday, August 02, 2013

The Difficult part!

Sometimes you are confronted by problems with out any apparent solutions. [Well, one can argue, if there is no  solution and nothing to solve then it is not a problem at all].
Sometimes you do know the solution but execution is not simpler [As one of my friend recently quoted, real life is not like solving cases in class or in paper]
Sometimes the problem is not worth solving at all!
Sometimes you have bigger problems to solve!

No matter, what state of above mentioned probem you are in, Logical approach in analyzing the hard empirical evidence and data will always tell you what needs to be done.

The difficult part is actually following the logic against your gut feeling!


Deepa said...

You are getting wiser!

Ramesh said...

I can see you are getting profoundly influenced by the business school :)

Appu said...

@Deepa You know how and why i am getting wiser :) few more updates to tell you ;) ;) Nothing good though ! :(

@Ramesh It is interesting how the same thing could be viewed in different perspectives. There will be mail from me ;)

Venkat said...

"Sometimes the problem is not worth solving at all"
-Couldn't agrre more, just staying away and getting engaged with other activities is better way.

Given a choice between logic & gut feeling i will always choose instinct, somewhere it will give little hint. logic never worked for me.