Friday, July 19, 2013

Liar Liar

There are very few things that gets my goat! (Well, definition of "few" depends!)

I just cant stand hypocricy and hypocrites. Next comes liars. (Actually, there is a very fine thin line that differentiates both.Let's ignore the technicalities for now!) Oh and please, diplomacy and hypocricy are two different things.

It is not that I am the direct heir of  Shri Harichandra, a holier than thou cow or something like that. Then, why do I hate  Liars?? It is a two-part thing.

For one, It is utter stupidity to lie.People usually think they are pretty smart and they can get away with a lie. In reality, One must be stupid to think, they can lie and get away with it. Eventually the truth comes out. When it comes out, it looks bad on the person, the credibility is lost. Not only the past is questioned, on what are all the things you have lied? It also makes one wonder can i trust you in the future? How can i be sure that there aren't any more lies? This is the reason I prefer to hear the hard truth rather than a sweet lie. I prefer to speak the truth (most of times) cause, i dont want to look so embarassed and defend/explain why did i lie at the first place.

The other  thing is the most important one. When I am being lied to, It insults my intelligence. One lies to me hoping that I would believe it and would never find the truth. It is one thing for a person to think they are smart but altogether a different thing to think other person is stupid.  Thinking that I am stupid and I could be lied to is what pisses me the most!

Thou shall not lie to me. Thou shall not face my wrath!Amen. Let peace be with me ;)


Ramesh said...

Allright I shall not lie. I will not say that you are the most handsome man on earth :):):):)

Great to see you back in blogging.

நவீன் said...

The truth here is nobody mature enough to handle the truth, neither who speaks nor who listens..