Monday, October 21, 2013

2 cents to Monetization of Youtube

YouTube could pick a leaf from Apple Radio [Oh yeah, they have never done it before! ;)]

Why not display links to buy stuff related to the video being watched?
There are tons of videos which puts snippets of Friends and the other similar sitcoms. Obviously fan uploads.  Why not display a link to buy the season or the episode? Similarly, if i am watching a movie song, why not a link to buy the movie?

There are instances where the SonyMusic officially uploading a song. Those are the places where buy this song link can make the selling more effective. I would be happy to pay a dollar and download the song rather than using another service/site where i have to give the youtube link ask it to convert to MP4 format than upload to my iPhone!

Display ads are not the only way to monetize YouTube.

While we are at YouTube, Why not a desktop app, where you could just stream videos from Youtube?

It would be more like a VLC media player, with "always on top" enabled playing videos from youtube.

Well, there is a desktop app called YTWatcher but it is just like a minimized browser which always stays on top.

The screen size cannot be customized and it lacks elegance, cooler user interface.
It would be a great app for people like me who suffer from attention deficit disorder and needs a little bit of distraction to keep focused.


This post is being written while watching the videos on YTWatcher and reading an e-book.

No more rabble rousing on the shortcomings of G-Talk, cause the usage has gone down considerably very less. Nowadays its all in FB, whatsapp, viber even Skype ;)


Ramesh said...

Well, what about going the other way - no ads at all. After all people upload their own stuff - so why should anybody monetise them. I know people upload stuff which are protected by copyright, but I have little sympathy for copyright owners -0 who use monopolistic position to price absurdly, force you to buy the whole album, etc etc. So stuff the idea of ads :)

Mirna said...

All the platforms online sooner or later are going to be monetized i think that this is the only way to continue watching this things for free, like Tv or magazines for a long long years they have the budget from publicity , and also the apps i hear from a new app that isn't monetized yet but i am still looking for a viber review