Saturday, July 11, 2009

What do you call this kind of Marketing?

Zee Tamil telecasts the movie "YAARUKKU YAARO " on July-11, 9.00 P.M IST for the First time in the history of the world TV.

Watch the zee tv ad

Damn the Vijay TV's airtel super singer or even the SUN TV, which may buy the rights of the upcoming rajini-shankar movie Endhiran?

Ask them to beat this challenge!

For sure zee tamil have carved a niche, made a date with history and have done something that no other tamil television channel could never ever imagine to do?

This is definitely a watershed event in the history of zee tamizh and the folks at zee tamil would be proud of and cherish the moment.

Normally television channels buy a movie, telecast it and advertise it big time.
If you are asking what is the big deal about this?Then you have never seen this video!

Wondering who the hell/how the hell they would have come up with this creative(daring) idea?

It may not increase the TRP rating of Zee Tamil but for sure will raise the awareness/availability of zee tamil and create a buzzing word of mouth viral marketing.

If it was not for sam anderson, why will i even bother to check out, is there a website for "zee tamil"? or their channel schedule or at the least even blog about zee tamil or come to know it is not zee tamil but zee tamizh

Felt, The Zee tamizh guys have done a better job at editing and some special effects that is not even available in the original movie.

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