Monday, July 06, 2009

How to Handle Professional calls at Personal Hours?

Do you think you get more calls from your office than from your girl-friend, than from the credit card companies,than from people who offer loans?Do you find it more difficult to avoid those calls?

This post is for you.

Get the police commissioner mobile number, that is being advertised where the public could call to express their grievances and complaints. No i am not suggesting you should lodge a police complaint.

Set Your Call Divert to that Particular Number.

You are done![literally]

Disclaimer:The author of the blog accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions that may occur by following the idea in the above mentioned blog post. The ideas, views, opinions does not necessarily mean the author intends to follow them or is suffering out in such similar situation.
Remember, it's just my writing and not me. Thou shall not insult my intelligence and creativity by confusing this with reality!

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