Friday, June 25, 2010

End of the Tunnel

Proverbial wisdom says there is light at the end of the Tunnel.

Is there light?

When you were in tenth grade, they bull shitted you telling tenth is very important, once you are work hard do well, all is well. You thought it was a one time effort and got sucked up to it and started the journey in the tunnel.

Enter the higher secondary, they start telling you, there is no assurance, since you did well in tenth, you will do good in higher secondary.  It is important to be much focussed and more serious and the best you can give. Do not drop the ball! Do not make a mess of yourself. Once you get good marks and get in to a good college, you are on the road to happiness.

Come to the college, they start telling you, after coming so far, if you dont get a job you will make a fool of yourself.You can't afford to screw up your life. Make sure you will get a job.Once you get a good job and good money, you are on the road to heaven.

Come to corporate life, hell awaits you. You are in the biggest rat race that you have ever seen. Appraisals, promotions, Job changes, house(s), abroad assignments and what not!

Before you could breathe, you the social animal would be chained to an institution and you would be on your way to prepare your progeny for the journey through the tunnel which you are still travelling.

So, Is there light? No.

The reality is, When you reach the end of the tunnel or when you think you have reached the end of the tunnel, there comes a hard realization that hits you hard all over the places where it hurts the most that this is just the beginning of another tunnel!

And there is no end and there is no LIGHT. PEACE OUT


Deepa said...

And the worst part is, each tunnel is bigger than the previous one.

chennaigirl said...

Again the tunnel starts , now u r not alone there but with ur kid giving a push now and then and now it starts right from KG's (previous gen they hardly pressurised)

RamMmm said...

Swamiji Zeno needs to realize that these tunnels are all circular. Any light at the seeming end of the tunnel is all 'maya'. :-)

zeno said...

@Deepa so true :(
@CG, If you say so, it should be true ;)I also think the previous gen hardly pressurised is a relative thing.The previous gen as well as the future gen would be telling the same thing that previous gen was hardly pressurised.

zeno said...

Xchactly that's the whole point. There is no light and our chase is pointless.Everything is 'maya' Logam maya,Sarvam Maya!

Ramesh said...

Reading your posts from the top onwards; since I miseed everything for the last 4 days and you are growing more and more philosophical zeno. Very involfved and deep post, but this is getting too serious. Go see a movie; date a girl; do whatever zeno :):)

zeno said...

@Ramesh, guessed you were too busy or on travel with your cabbie post :)
Wish all tat could happen[Date and movies ;)]
Serious, Hmm May be! When one grows old[or when you think, you are getting older] all these kind of thoughts occur! I think, i also should add a disclaimer, that my writing do not reflect my state of mind... ;)