Thursday, June 03, 2010

Abraham Lincoln & Software Engineers

If i get 8 hours to cut the tree, I will spend 7 hours to sharp my axe
-Abraham Lincoln

If i get 8 days to finish an activity, I will spend my first seven days doing constructive work like blogging, tweeting, facebooking and ask for an extension on the eighth day!
-Software Engineer

Based on a mobile forward i recieved.
If i get 8 hours to study, I will spend my seven hours to find my books
-An engineering student.

I suffer from mutiple personality disorder ;). Sometimes i consider to be a software guy and something something at some other times. When i wrote this i was not considering myself as software guy!


Deepa said...

hehehe! 3rd and 4th are the summaries of my life! :D ohh but I am not a techie!

btw zeno u did it... I can see your posts in the updates now!yippie!

zeno said...

Nope I dint do anything. I was in some other avatar and dint even bother to check the settings or tweaked around it. All i did was shoot a mail to ram and do wat he said in the mail to do :)[My techie avatar spits on me :(for not even checking on the settings. not tat i would have figured out]

So as i said for all your tech queries, "He is Da Man" :P

chennaigirl said...

Even i got this forward bt from a 12th std student ;)
Even iam not a techie bt it applies 100% to me (for completing Ps projects as well)
So, wat were u considering urself?

zeno said...

12 std kids using mobile hmm.
I think it applies to all people in all walks of like.
Work expands to fill the time alloted to it-Parkinson's Law.

Well i was definitely not considering myself as software guy then. May be a creative writer!

RamMmm said...

#1 - It shall not happen. No cutting trees. :-)
#2 - Apt, remove facebook/tweets for me, but I do unnecessary blogwalking. :-)
#3 - N/A for me. Good boy there.
#4 - In a different way for me. Too much of useless musings. Now I don't call myself to be in software engineering. I am in systems engineering. :-)

zeno said...

#3 i dont have any doubt you would have been a chamathu guy[it is generally applicable to all students]

#4 selladhu selladhu.It too is a too genaralized statement applicable to all ICT people.

Ramesh said...

Oh no - if a coder gets 8 days to finish an activity, he has quit on the first day.

Zeno the philosopher par excellence should not be seen in the company of coders !!!

zeno said...

Ahem, You are so right! I shouldnt be in the company of coders![i am okie to be in the coding company or the company that codes]
Ungaluku theriyuthu neriya peruku theriya mattangedhu!

One day there would be a book which puts the likes of Robin Sharma to shame ;)