Friday, June 25, 2010

Time to call it quits

Why should you leave an organization? or When exactly should you leave an organization?

Salary is not up to your expectations. Sometimes even the world is not enough for the human greed. There is no end to the needs and desires. Being driven by money cannot be the right thing.

Bad boss. Well there is no assurance that new organization and new boss would be an angel. Remember a known devil is better than an unknown angel. This also applies to the the culture and nature of the work place too.

Nature of the work. What if you do not like the nature of the work? What if this is not your call of the heart? Well not all are lucky to get what they want to do.You may like sleeping all day, but no one will pay for your sleep. Like the work you do, if you don't get the work you like.

Well there could be lots of other reasons like, Passed up for promotion, Extreme work pressure etc etc. IMHO even they are not worth the cause to jump ship.

So when should a person leave an organization? When you think (or realize) that all your co-workers are much more dumber than you, then, then my friend it is high time to get the hell out of the dodge city![Carefully, Look at my choice of words, I did not say when you (think) you are much more smart than others]


Deepa said...

... quite true. Unfortunately, one finds the other variety (the smart @$$es) more often.

RamMmm said...

Whatever you say, it must be that some plan is in the works. :-) :-)

It is always a relative deadlock. There will always be some people who think they are smarter than you while you think the same about them. :-) And all that depends on what you mean by dumb. You could be construed as a rat abandoning the sinking ship, then. IMO, money has a significant weight to jump ship, irrespective of what we all say in public.

zeno said...

@Deepa , Always trust the swamiji as he would only tell the truth ;) What Ram says is true. It is relative deadlock. "Thinking the other person as Dumb" Sometimes those kind of feelings are mutual! :)

zeno said...

@Ram, No plans what so ever!
Well, the world will be thinking about us one way or the other. It will be critical of you irrespective of what you do. It is best to ignore them and dance one and only to our very own tune!

If you, yourself is saying such a thing about money, then it definitely should be treated with some merit[on a serious note, not my usual sarcasm]

Ramesh said...

Heay thats a very philosophical zeno - like your namesakes. Nice concept ....

zeno said...

@Ramesh, Thanks :) I am blessed to meet good and smart folks[Not necessarily in the work place] who feed some thoughts and kick my train of thinking.