Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let them Sleep

Every now and then, I happen to talk to bunch of people.  Not every one is so excited and eager to hear me out.  Sometimes, even they cannot be blamed. There are other external factors which overpower them and they just cannot concentrate for no mistake of their own.

 Well I am no martinet but still I would call myself a strict authoratarian enforcing a lots of discipline. In spite, I make exceptions, there are times, I let them have their way, if they will let me have my way. I just let them sleep rather than distracting me or disturbing others.

Not all of my fellow brethren agree with me on this. There are people who feel, I shouldn't let them sleep.

And for all those, who don't agree with me. Please read the following:

"Sleep is a fundamenta​l and basic requiremen​t without which the existence of life itself would be in peril. To disturb sleep, therefore, would amount to torture which is now accepted as a violation of human right. It would be similar to a third degree method whic​h at times is sought to be justified as a necessary police action to extract the truth out of an accused involved in heinous and cold-blood​ed crimes,” the bench said.

“A sleeping crowd cannot be included within the bracket of an unlawful category unless there is sufficient material to brand it as such,” the bench added."

This is neither the opening of the fictional book I am writing nor picked up from any other fictional book. The above is a part of the ruling from a Supreme Court bench.

So, all you people, Parents, teachers, trainers and managers, Thou shall not distrub or prevent the people from sleeping. You might be prosecuted!!

I try my level best not to preach what i don't practice. If i don't practice and if i still preach, I make it a point to disclose it. I love sleeping. I fall asleep during meetings as well as classes!!!

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Ramesh said...

Ha Ha. But Baba Ramdev's crowd can hardly be described as sleeping. With all due respect, the Honourable judges are prone to pontification on matters they don't have a clue on !