Thursday, July 18, 2013

Darn You Google!

Nothing gets my goat than "Smart people being so stupid and silly"
Yeah, How can smart people be so stupid?

Googlers are considered to be smart. They do work on Space Technology, Internet Balloons, Cars that drive by themselves. (

Yet, they dont have a google talk on Apple Store. (Well, Hangouts cannot be installed if you do not have a front facing camera i.e iPhone 3GS)
The messenger in Google+ just doesn't works.

FB has messenger that works seamlessly across devices. Viber does that. But you Google! Shame on you.  [Skype doesn't have a seamless integration but it is understandable as they are owned by Microsoft now]

Hope the Product Managers at Google get their act together or may be the top management should do a realignment like Apple er like what Microsoft did ;)

They shutting down the Reader while having Currents is a post meant for another day.

Nothing has changed in Google Talk from 2008 as mentioned here. I have changed a little bit. I would love to take a shot at building the next Google rather than just making their perpetual beta products .

Inspired due to missed pings in Google Talk ;)



Ramesh said...

Simple. Don't use Google Talk; Google Plus and all such wastes of time :):):)

Appu said...

Ha Ha LOL. Nope ;) Actually 'some one' else too told me the same thing few years back for the linked post.