Thursday, April 21, 2016

I am a Genius!

No, You read it right. I am not drunk  It is a reference to myself. I have all the hallmarks of a genius. If you won't believe, keep reading and let me prove that to you.

Recently, I shifted house. It also means new office bus stop. Let me tell you it is little tricky to find the exact place where the bus stops. Even for a genius, more especially for a genius.

Fortunately, the first day, I was able to spot a face which looked familiar and boarded the office bus without any difficulty.  The next day, saw the same face talking to another familiar face in the stopping.

I was not sure whether the new familiar seeming face also works at my office or not. When the bus arrived, the old familiar face and I boarded the bus. I also thought the old familiar face is such a friendly chap and knows even people from other companies. Bus stop buddies, good and nice. Guess what the surprise was, I see the new familiar face which did not board the bus at office as soon as I land up at office. Thought weird and left that at it

After that saw the new familiar face very paly paly with the bus driver while leaving at evening.

Yesterday, I reach the bus stop on time, well even early. To my surprise the bus did not stop at the designated place and kept going. After a long time, had to chase the bus and got in at the signal. The irony was me chasing the bus despite coming early to the stop.

I was furious and wanted to take up the case with the driver or cleaner or transport department. Had no time or patience or energy to deal with it. Also was shy to ask them about it and did not feel like creating a ruckus over it.
 Evening I went to board the bus, thinking may be I will have a  quiet word but the driver definitely looked different. I thought why would he come for a evening duty when he did not come for a morning duty but still just kept quiet.

Guess what happens today morning. I come to bus stop. I see the new familiar face getting dropped in by his mom and starts chatting with the old familiar face. Bus arrives and this new familiar face waits back as though he doesn't cares.  I am like, what the hell dude? Is his mom, gonna come to pick him back to home or drop him to office. Then i look at the bus to realize it is bus no 6 and not the bus no 2  which I board in evening.  Also it hit me there are two buses in the same route and hence that day the bus did not stop at my place.

Wait are you still wondering why I am a genius? let me make it simple and clear, if you haven't got it.

  1. You don't get what I speak and I have to make it simple and clear for you to understand
  2. I am shy to talk to people or raise ruckus, even when I am suffering
  3. I am such an introvert to go talk to people 
  4. I am so oblivious to things like the bus route as they kinda clog my memory and thinking process and I gotta think and worry about bigger issues rather than the trivial stuff
  5. Someone who lives with me thinks all these are hallmarks of laziness and carelessness than the hallmarks of a genius (and you still don't believe I am a genius!)


Ramesh said...

Zen of Zeno was a genius. Until he turned to Appu :):):)

meenz said...

U are definitely a genius bcz u stay with one ;)

meenz said...
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jalpa prajapati said...

Such a good information given to us..thank you..