Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Is there such a thing called as very good plan?

How many of us, do really follow our childhood dreams, ambitions? Not many i would say.

May be we were too young and ignorant too know what exactly we wanted to know, we were not aware of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Do we know that atleast now?

How many of us have even pursued our grown up ambitions and dreams? say your career choice during college? say your career plan after college? again not many i would say!

Forget career choices, tell me one thing for which you planned, with risk factors zeroed in, considered mitigation plan and back up plans, dreamed of all the worst case scenerios and just went according to the plan? not one i would say! Even just going to hometown doesnt happens according to the plan.

well then, why is that most of the organizations and individuals plan? that too long term, mid term short term. Usually for most of them, plan tops, it's the execution that topples.

May be that's what differentiates successful and not so unsuccessful people. Successful people, plan and stick to their plans.

Alternatively, you can go along in life as it goes on and tell everybody that was the plan![when managers tells, "you are ten days behind the schedule according to the plan", oh yeah boss that was the plan.]

I never planned to blog this post, and there are many posts that i have planned but havent blogged

just a travel in the memory lane after meeting some school folks.


RamMmm said...

Expecting someone to plan while in school is optimistic.

In college, it is to an extent, expected.

In work, it becomes a must.

But then, is it so easy? Is there a recipe? Nope it isn't. The key might be to plan and revisit it again and again as you get more and more info to refine it.

Have I planned anything so far in life? Hee Hee Hee, No :-) :-)

(All the gyan above has been with some amount of experience at my career)

zeno said...

off late i am being strongly convinced that irrespective of plans and efforts, it's all fate and destiny that rules :)