Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Social Network

Though it is touted as the story of the facebook, a technological start up blah blah, to me It is all about humans and human feelings-hatred, revenge, greed, anger, betrayal friendship and above all Love.

It took me for a while to get that, the story is being told via depositions in two lawsuits.

The actors each and every one of them have done a good job. They bring the characters so alive, an exceptional feat considering the fact no actor has met their real life characters except for Justin Timberlake who has met Sean Parker.

The movie is based on Ben Mezrich's Accidental Billionaires. Inspite of me having read the book more than once and most of the dialogues were from the book, Still i liked the dialogues in the movie.

Though the book seems more like a hatchet job on Mark Zuckerberg and movie is based on the book, I would say it pays tribute to Mark.

It shows him as a mere human mortal, who watches out for his friends, who is passionate about what he does and more especially vulnerable.

It also subtly hints that the man who created the social network of the world helping friends to keep in touch is lonely,very lonely which could probably be true.

You couldn't help feeling sorry for the youngest billionaire, when he sends a friend request to the girl with whom he breaks up in the beginning of the movie. IMHO, Probably, if not for her, We would have never had Facebook! [Only to take his mind off from her break up, Mark did create Facemash and one thing led to the other and the rest is the living present that we are witnessing]

I also did cover this movie sometime back here


Ramesh said...

Mmmmm. A point to ponder that the guy who created social networks is a very lonely guy. Haven't read the book - worth reading ??

zeno said...

Movie as well as the book are worth spending the time :)
Pl check your inbox

RamMmm said...

Let me see if I can see. :-)

Hopefully there are no bloopers on the screen (as is the case with any movie that discusses computers)

Maybe scorn leads to something better. :-)

Ramesh said...

Thank you; thank you; thank you ....

zeno said...

Nope.No bloppers as far as i know! In fact there were many reviews which appreciated the movie for blending the technology so nice. Pl check your offline chat messages!
You are most welcome as well as you can send requests to me and i shall service them with special priority.If Google has it, I can have it :P