Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Prayer and Penance

Nothing lasts forever. Life is too short. Hence there is no point harboring anger or hatred or animosity or enmity.

I am aware of the above fact as much as I am aware that I am just human.


I am too judgmental.
I am too critical.
I even hate some people. Mere mention of the name or the thought is more than enough to raise the mercury too high. It would be too hard to believe, most of the times the hate is not personal. Yes I end up hating people whom i have hardly dealt with personally.

In my so called short life, have come across too many several instances where my anger and hatred had made me feel ashamed and embarrassed.

If I had been the good cow, I would have learn't from the very first instance and there wouldn't have been several instances.

Wish GOD would bless me with the heart that would LOVE ALL even if i cant SERVE ALL.
A mind that would NEVER HURT, even it can't HELP EVER.


Ramesh said...

Not possible to love all zeno. It is enough if we can temper the hate to just "not love" - that would be a great achievement indeed.

RamMmm said...

Why, why this introspection at such an early time in the morning?

It is human to feel anger and hatred, and as Ramesh points, getting to that middle state is way sufficient.

Good that you have ended it up with the motto of SSS organization. May He bless you to be out of the temporary dip that you seem to be in.

பத்மா said...

we all are bundle of emotions ,be it anger, hatred or love.have to have them ..
do not try to penalize urself for not being able to love all.
love all.... is for tennis alone buddy

zeno said...

@Ramesh Yes, So true, if only we do not hate, if only we do not pronounce judgement or make comments!

@RamMmm Hmm couldn't help having such thoughts.Impact depends on the news. SSS definitely has played a major role in my life as well as thought process:)Looking back, I could have worded those things differently, When i wrote it was more of an out pour!

@Padma, Welcome. Quite long time I read any of your posts :( What you say is so true. All i want is NO HATE ALL.

@All, Reading this after sometime makes it/seems to be a good read, but I wish i don't write such stuff :P