Saturday, October 15, 2011

Agent Smith and Automation

I like Google News very much.
I use it very much.
I also very much like the changes they are making nowadays.

I also believe, I know a thing or two about automation to make a comment on it.
At the same time, I am of the belief, Never send a machine to do a man's job as against the Agent Smith in The Matrix and the very best folks who taught me the automation [Agent Smith: Never send a human to do a machine's job]

My belief applies to way too many job functions and one among them is running a news site. A news site has to be run by a man but not by the machine.

In Google News, I have seen wrongly placed photos across news snippets. News at wrong sections i.e news about health in entertainment and all that still the below picture is the ultimate thing i have ever come across.

This where the links take you, Here and here

Are you with me or with Agent Smith?


Ramesh said...

With you obviously. Agent Snityh, whoever he is,stands no patch on thw wise philosopher, Zeno.

Havings said that, I believe if the placement of news was manual, even more bloopers would arise. Why news should never be automated is simply that a perspective and dimension that a man can bring, a machine can't.

Appu said...

Ha Ha
So true. Nowadays the papers are horrible to read!

RamMmm said...

Google News is a news aggregator, to be technically correct. Software by nature is buggy (otherwise, your primary skill would have no use :-D :-D) மன்னிச்சு உட்டுருங்க

Appu said...

Just applying my primary skill :)