Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purpose of the powder

Of all things that puzzle me a lot, the one that puzzles me the most is the purpose of the powder. Talcum powder that is.

Before we go further, Please note the color white and fair will be used interchangeably in the Indian context. Also remind yourself brownish and wheatish are also considered as white, again in the Indian context!

Is it make you to look fair?

If you are fair, already you are white, and why to apply more white over it? Isn't it more like painting white over white?

If you are dark, again no powder is powerful enough to make the dark go away! Won't applying powder make it look like a white coat painted over the dark? Doesn't applying powder makes it obvious that you are dark rather than masking the darkness?

1.This post is applicable for guys and girls.
2.I don't think i am fair or white.
3.I don't think beauty lies in the colors.
4.I don't use powder and haven't as far as i know. My Mom says that i was using it a lot when i was a kid.Considering my small face and small hands, hardly i wouldn't have used more than an 100gram talcum powder for my whole life.
5.I don't have anything against the talcum powder companies or the models who come in those ads.
6.Please add any other disclaimer that i might have missed

Update as heard from a powder expert and others:
1.Powder is used as fragrant sweat absorbant
2.It shadows the black spots and makes the skin even
3.Also helps oily skinned people


Venkat.. said...

Dicalimer:1) Talcum powder adds are welcome to this space. 2) persno-general view published here is not liable for claims.

Ram said...

The powder people's argument would be that they use it only coz their skin is oily and so as to look fresh. And that it's got nothing to do with the color of the skin

P.S. Am not a powder person :)

Ramesh said...

This can't apply to guys. After all the ideal male is "tall, dark and handsome". Have you ever heard the phrase "tall, fair and handsome" ??

Appu said...

@Venkat அட அட
@Ram, I know you are not :) Seems the primary objective is fragrant sweat observant! In FB one of the guy friend updated me on this
@Ramesh Ah, I should have mentioned the TDH criteria. Alas there are guys who give gals a run for their money in powder coating!

RamMmm said...

Ram above is right and I agree. Talc is an absorbent.

Hey have you ever smelled Johnson's baby powder? Probably the best ever. (Bachelor boysukku idhellaam enga theriyum. :-D) The smell of a baby=smell of talcum powder (Johnson's esp)

Appu said...

this bachelor boy is still a baby so he knows about johnsons powder as well as cerelac. so yummy :P :D