Monday, April 26, 2010


The entire family is killed by a villain. As it goes in movies, (un)fortunately one alone survives to live(or die) another day. The grown up survivor falls in love with the person who is associated with the villain gang that killed the entire family. As luck would have it, there are some other interested parties who would love to kill the villain gang and they end up helping the hero even with out their knowledge.The revenge rules over the love. The person plots to kill the villain gang and succeeds. The shrewd villain gets what he deserves!
Sounds like a typical kollywod/bollywood story, huh! The treatment of the story with few twists and turns here and there in a second world war setting, throw in famous characters like Hitler, Goebbels,a Jew Hunter and a Nazi Hunter, strong screenplay, a vivid portrayal of characters and a solid performance by actors along with that Tarantino touch makes it an awesome believable movie.

I think the reason it did not win manys Oscars because the jury thought it was competing in Best Foreign Language Film!

I loved this movie and I am a very big fan of Quentin Tarantino, Hence no thrashing .
For an unbiased view and to know more.
This movie is definitely not meant for kids and grown up kids who dont have stomach for gruesomeness.


Ramesh said...

Zeno - this is all too complicated. Seems like Class XI ; I am still in LKG. Plizz to review more "T" movies !!

zeno said...

ogay, will do! may be i should have elobarated the story as such rather than a wiki!