Saturday, April 17, 2010

Uber Cool Tech Support

Tring Tring.

Tell me.

When will you learn the basic manners of telephonic conversation of saying hello, when you pick the phone?

Stop wasting the bandwidth and the time by lecturing me, tell me why you called.

My machine is having a problem

Temme wat's the problem

When I power on, right in the beginning, it says some error message, like config file missing, Insert OS CD to continue, something like that. No login nothing.

Oh, okie, cool no big deal, Insert that "Original" OS CD that i gave you. Install the OS.

Man, it is asking for some product key, to install.

Product key, is it there on the CD cover?

No it is not there.

Oh, okie cool, no big deal, you can google for your product key. Something will be available on the net, Keep trying with different ones if the first one doesnt works.



RamMmm said...

Nesamaalumaa? Grey Market Tech Support, I presume!!!

zeno said...

sunday market theriyum. adhu enna Grey market?appadi onnu irukka enna!