Friday, April 23, 2010

Stay Connected!

P1: Hey are you in touch with that fellow from our college?
P2: which fellow?

P1: Tall and lean and fair
P2: Could you be more specific before i swear some expletives at you?

P1: The one who used to roam with that gal, who was fair and short
P2: Dint you hear what i said sometime back?

P1: oh wait, he never came for one full semester. still you dint get, who am i referring to?
P2: Remember, you and your best buddy too fall in to the same category.

P1: okie okie that guy who took a demo of how to smoke pot? now you got, about whom i am talking about?
P2: Yeah yeah you are talking about %^&*( right? that character. ouch. Even in college, i never wanted to be associated with him. why will be in touch with him after all these? why all of a sudden you talking about him?

P1: Hmm try to find where %^&*(  he is and what he is? We better keep in touch with him. you never knew in next twenty years he may become a commisioner of some sports league!


chennaigirl said...

LOL :) Got to google abt him to appreciate this better.

zeno said...

he is one helluva colorful character :P

chk out more here

RamMmm said...

Being just a connected friend won't do you any favor. :-) He has to be able to get something off you as well to be Modi-esque.

It will be fun to see if he pulls down Sharad Pawar and coterie along with him. It is now fun that all the franchisees are now open in favor of him. [Courtesy, the rolling ticker of the news channels]

zeno said...

Gettin connected is the first step rite!

w.r.t IPL anything is possible and wat u see is nt wat it is. there sarvam maya lokam maya!

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha Ha. Well, there are all sorts in the world.

zeno said...

We had few colorful characters like this with us!