Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Missed You Da

Boy:Hi, how are you? How was your trip to mumbai?

Girl:Hmm, well the work was hectic. I couldnt go anywhere. All the places i went was hotel, its lobby restaraunt and its pool.No where else. Thank god, it was all for one week.

Boy:What, you were gone only for a week? I felt you have gone for more than a month. It was too boring here with out you.

Girl:Hmmm, I too was thinking about you most of the time. I felt, it would have been more fun, if you had been there. You would have had great time.

Boy:really? you were thinking about me? that's thats really great! Though i too was thinking about you, I never thought you would be thinking about me!

Girl:What to do man, the hotel where i stayed was, the place where the miss india contestants stayed. lots of good looking girls. You could have drooled on and on... A perfect place for an avid bird watcher like you...
so obviously couldnt stop thinking about you...


Please note, it is not labeled as Personal but Jokes!


Ramesh said...

Zeno in fine form. Good one.

Just to quibble. Can understand hotel, lobby and restaurant - really you have the time for the pool when traveling ???? Lucky guy ; no wonder avid bird watcher !!

zeno said...

thanks :)
When there is a will there is a way!

I hardly travel. I am chained to my cubicle ;)

chennaigirl said...

//Please note, it is not labeled as Personal but Jokes!//
Ithuthaan joke intha postla :)(mathathellam facts nnu naan sollala)

zeno said...

CG, cha neenga poi apdi solvingla.
evla nallavanga neenga! :)