Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Electronics, Little Programming, Little Philosophy

Once upon a time Long long ago in the history of engineering there was a Mr X, Miss Y and Madam Z.
They were all sitting together for viva-voce examination
Just some five to ten minutes before the following incident was about to happen, Madam Z was very much frustrated with the way, Mr X and Miss Y was answering and she offered them her 20 cents.
"Come on People, Grow up, be serious and answer questions as third year folks and not like some school kids. "
Madam Z felt, she has set Mr X and Miss Y right by her harsh words, Surprise was waiting to pounce upon her!or rather the shock of her life probably.
Madam Z popped up a very easy question, to level of school to the so called mature college guys and girls, what is the difference between Analog devices and Digital Devices?
Mr X, being a gentleman, passed on the easy question to the Miss Y, Hey remember ladies first okie!
Miss Y started answering about analog signals and digital signals, Mr X being a good guy, always ready to help, corrected her, "hey maam is asking about devices."
Madam Z, thinking to herself, Miss Y is pathetic, at least Mr X, is getting to his senses, "you can answer yourself. "
Mr X replied, "Analog devices operate on analog signals, Digital Devices operate on Digital Signals.
Mr X finally got his revenge and set the Madam Z right. !
It would have taken all the prayers and blessings of not just his mom but also his forefathers, for him to come unscathed out of the viva voce.
At least that was the assumption Mr X until the day he meet with his destiny!

Fast forward to Today
Mr X true to his form of a management guy, asks questions for which he doesn't know the answers.
There was a poor soul[is he really a poor soul?] which got an interview scheduled due to Mr X.
Mr X before the night of interview, felt a strong urge to help the poor soul and conducted a mock interview.
It started off like this, "What is the difference between inline function and friend function?"
The poor soul, enthusiastically replied, "Inline function uses the keyword inline and friend function uses the keyword friend"
Now i need not say that was the end of the mock of interview.
Mr X finally had the taste of his very own medicine.
Mr X was heard blabbering to himself,"I know, I know, "history repeats", "what you sow is what you reap?" "Life is so cruel!"

Remember, it is just my writing, not me.

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